How do I start a BNB business?
You can start by renting an apartment, condo or house at one monthly rate and then list it on Airbnb™ daily and nightly for an increased amount - the difference equals profit for you. Learn the exact type of property that’s most profitable, avoid large errors.
Can you do this with a spare room?
You can start with what you have, but if you really wish to make it on Airbnb™, you’ll want to add entire properties or homes as soon as you are able.
Is this blueprint something that will work for me?
You will indeed learn the tips and tricks that work best for us as an Airbnb™ host or hostess.
Can I do this in my spare time, since I work full time.
We will teach you a system to start at your own time and pace and advance over time.
Will this work here in other areas of the world?
Go to, type in your city or town and see if there are listings in your area. Airbnb™ operates in nearly 200 countries. This works in just about any country, small, medium towns, big cities, and locations all over the world.
Is perfect credit needed for the BNB - Bed & Breakfast business?
Not at all. You can start with a partner and build your credit and/or reputation and it will become more easy to build relationships with everyone in the field.
How do I find properties to list on Airbnb™?
Hone in on the type of property that is not only the easiest to list, and most profitable. Learn how to find these properties for your Bed and Breakfast business.