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After personally experiencing the spectacular real estate crash of the mid 2000’s, Brian Page set out to find a NEW way to earn income from real estate. Starting over, he launched a profitable Airbnb business without debt, mortgages, or even owning his own properties. He earned over six figures in his first six months using Airbnb™ and over $300k his first year.

Brian now has students around the world who are also earning over six figures with their own Airbnb™ businesses. He usually charges over $5,000 to work with clients one on one, but reveals the exact same secret methods in this webinar. This FREE training class is a nothing-held-back look at exactly how Brian was able to use other peoples' properties to earn semi-passive income. He will show you how you can do what he did and build your own wildly profitable Airbnb™ business.

Brian will show you exactly how to get started and how it's a "WIN-WIN" for both you and the property owners. Learn how to locate profitable listings, why properties earn so much more on Airbnb™, and how you can find your very first listing ...in less than 60 days.

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The Airbnb Toolbox puts your Airbnb listing to work for you. Whether you are a new Airbnb Host, or you’re looking to take your vacation rental business to the next level, my Perfect Host System will make the difference between average guest reviews and 5-star reviews. As a profitable Airbnb Host since 2013, I’ve compiled everything I've learned along the way that will save you time and avoid the costly mistakes of learning by trial and error. Whether it's a real estate rental property or a spare room, this will set you up for success. You'll get my checklists, cheat sheets, and copy/paste templates to make it happen. Learn Airbnb Secrets for Success With Practical Tips, Worksheets and Templates Exclusive access to my private Library of Templates on airbnbtoolbox.com.

Download copy/paste files such as messages I send to my guests, my rental contract, House Manual template, Supplies Checklist and other secrets that have helped me run my successful Airbnb business. Maximize your bookings, increase your Airbnb listing rank, and reduce the amount of time you spend managing your Airbnb business. I share easy ways that I use to build 5 Star Reviews and simple ways to solve common host problems. With the popularity of Airbnb, there is a lot of competition.

That means you must succeed at getting your property in the mind’s eye of travelers, or they’ll move on to the next one. After your quality photos, your listing title and description must tell and sell. This workbook walks you through a specific way to write your profile, title, and description. When you're finished, you'll have a completed listing description that will set you up for success.

You'll learn about: How to win over travelers through an engaging profile and an inspiring listing description. Establishing House Rules. Determining your nightly rate to maximize your profit. How to optimize your listing on Airbnb. Staging and preparing your space. Enhancing your guests’ experience. Writing a Welcome Book. Greeting your guests. Saying goodbye to your guests. How to generate predictable positive reviews. Efficient housecleaning and changeover recommendations.

Managing your schedule to maximize time. Identifying people to assist you. What’s Your Time Worth to YouThe Perfect Host System provides strategies to manage your time and put your real estate investment to work for you, instead of trading your time for money. It puts it on autopilot so you stay organized and ahead of everyday tasks. Become a Five Star Airbnb Host Learn simple strategies to help manage guest reviews and minimize negative reviews. Join the Ranks of Airbnb Hosts Earning Passive Income from Their Homes or Real Estate Investments Airbnb and the home sharing economy.